How to Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaner

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Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with CanisterAll of us need to buy a vacuum cleaner at least one time in our life. Whatever you have to clean a carpet floor or a hardwood floors the main reason for buying a best vacuum cleaner is make it clean as fast as possible. Nowadays, there are a lot of vacuum cleaner manufactures on the market and each manufacture own some vacuum series with typical designs for different purposes. On we found at least 100 vacuum cleaner brands, styles and models on offer. The diversification of vacuum cleaners make the finding of the best vacuum cleaner become a challenge these days. All of us understands that a buying a wrong vacuum cleaner will waste your money, time and even damage your health. So that before spending your money, be sure this is the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs.

In order to help you choose the best vacuum cleaner we have performed a lot of vacuum cleaner reviews on the most favorite and best seller vacuum cleaners on the market. And our study of reviews and comparisons show you the five candidates for best vacuum cleaners below.

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Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners on the market

Best Choice Ever

Best cordless vacuum
Best vauum for allergies
Best carpet vacuum

Best for pet owners

HEPA filter
Height adjustment
Roller brush on/off
Suction control
Bag/canister check
Motor (amps) 12 Amps Not specified 10 Amps 12 Amps 5 amps
Weight (pounds) 11.6 7.3 15.8 20 7.5
Height (inches) 44.87 43.5 45.7 30 44
Width (inches) 13.5 9 13.2 14 11.35
Depth (inches) 9.75 11 12.2 20 10.60
Cleaning path 14 11 15 11.25 11.35
Power cord 35 Feets Cordless 30 Feets 24 Feets 20 Feets
Upholstery tool
Dusting brush
Crevice tool
Help & Support
Warranty 5 Years 2 Years 5 Years 1 Years 1 Years
Service centers

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How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner

1. Best vacuum cleaner doesn’t mean expensive

The best vacuum cleaner is the one that give you the best value with a reasonable price, It doesn’t mean the expensive. The best vacuum cleaner have to satisfy your needs such as you need a vacuum for carpet floor or a hardwood floors. It also means there are a powerful motor, multitude of functions, good suction ability and the system will running well over years of use.

2. Higher Amps doesn’t mean Better

Similar to the case of expensive one the higher Amps doesn’t mean better than lower one. The suction ability of vacuum cleaners is strongly depend on the design of this vacuum and the amps of that vacuum cleaner motor will effect a bit. Therefore, there are a lot of low amps cleaners that show a high performance than the higher amps one.

3. The time of warranty

The best vacuum cleaners often give you a good and long time warranty. Normally, the warranty for a vacuum cleaner is one year, Now you think some vacuums give you five years warranty or more, that is so good right ?. A good warranty should include both labor and motor, so before buying any vacuum cleaner you should ensure that this cleaners include a eligible warranty.

Note: there are some vacuum cleaners offer you up to 20 years warranty (Normally expensive) . Of course you have to spend a proper time to take care this cleaner. However, you have to notice that this choice will make you get the most life time on this vacuum cleaner.

4. Consider The Attachments And Filter

These day, Almost vacuum cleaners show a standard with HEPA filters. The standard is very important and I high recommend you buy a vacuum cleaner including HEPA filters. Specially, when there are some people in your family who have asthma, allergies or other breathing problems this HEPA filter is a great idea to improve the circulating of air in your home

Almost vacuum cleaners often include attachments as well. These are very important because they give you some benefits and additional uses to your cleaner, though that your vacuum cleaners can clean upholstery, in between the stairs and sofa cushions. Pet owners is the person who have to care the attachments as they have to use typical tools to remove pet hair.


We have took a lot of time to search information to show you the best vacuum cleaners on the market. By using the information you can save a plenty of time on choosing vacuum cleaners and also save your money.

you should take time to read our reviews before buying any vacuum cleaners. Don’t let your work go to waste. You can do that by reading our vacuum cleaner reviews and choose the best vacuum cleaners for your need. You also should use our coupons or deals to get the discounts, which can help you save a lot of money.