Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Reviews

81L2-T_GF3If you think keeping your floor tidy was not difficult, you were wrong. Specially for pet owners, those people cannot use a normal vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair. Therefore, pet owners need a special vacuum cleaner with special design and powerful suction ability to remove pet hair from their floor. From many vacuum cleaners available on the market, the Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor vacuum cleaner come out as the best candidate for pet owners. The review below will show you the reasons why the Bissell PowerEdge is the perfect vacuum cleaner for pet owners

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Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Reviews

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet hard Floor vacuum cleaner come with innovative style. It features a “V-shaped nozzle” that help you easy clean up the largest pieces of debris and dirt that normal cleaner couldn’t do. Although the nozzle of the Bissell PowerEdge is large, this machine can still pick up the small particles of dust. With The Bissell PowerEdge you don’t have to worry any dirt left behind. The vacuum cleaner features with the Swivel motion make it easy to clean even the hardest place on your floor like under the table and  bed.

Although the Bissell PowerEdge Pet hard Floor is a stick vacuum cleaner, it still give you a long cords. With 20-foot cords I sure this is the longest cords that you can see in a stick vacuum cleaner. Because this is a stick vacuum, this machine very small and lightweight (The vacuum weight only 7 pounds), That make you easy to control this vacuum cleaner and move it around your house.

Another feature of The Bissell PowerEdge Pet hard Floor vacuum cleaner is its V-shape design, that design can improve the suction power of this vacuum cleaner. With this cleaner you don’t have to worry any pet hair behind on your floor. Moreover the design make that vacuum cleaner become simple to use, you can easy clean against baseboards and walls. The Bissell PowerEdge uses a 5 amps motor, that is normal for a stick vacuum cleaner. Although this motor is small compare with other type of vacuum cleaner, It still shows a high performance when cleaning hard floor, and you will not disappoint about this machine.

One downside of the PowerEdge is not included HEPA filter standard, this is may a problem for people who has asthma or allergies. However, this vacuum cleaner offer the basic pleated circular filter which prevents dust particles from entering the air and cyclonic action to ensure dander, dirt and pet hair goes into vacuum bag

The vacuum bag is transparent seen you don’t need to check the bag frequently, You will sure know when the time to empty the bag come without any light alert or message.

With the QuickRelease Cord Wrap features, winding up cords becomes easy than ever. All thing you have to do is press on the button and The cord will automatically winds itself up.

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet hard Floor vacuum cleaner offer you one year warranty. This manufacturer’s warranty protects against parts and labor damage.

With the Bissell PowerEdge Pet hard Floor vacuum cleaner you’ll be amazed! This vacuum cleaner will help you clean all pet hair on your floor and You will not even realize that there is a pet inside your house. With the ability of cleaning pet hair and dirt from your floors, the Bissell PoweEdge vacuum cleaner is very worth with its small price tag.

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